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E: in embarrassment when i used to sherlock omegle rp i helped perpetuate the ‘not my divison’ thing. like. i used it when there was obv an omegle prompter that was sherlock but the other person wasnt so id not my division out of there. this was like… when it wasn’t a big thing… i’m so embarrassed. i am so. so. embarrassed.

other than that when i used to read warrior cats books i made a ship manifesto for a tigerstar/spottedleaf (i think) that i thought was hilarious because it had evidence but was like. such an obvious not ship.

however then they turned out to be cousins. whatever.

G: it was harry/hermione


could i GET more embarrassing

R: uMMMM like. the current fandoms i am in ship almost ANYTHING so i don’t think it’s very common for me to have a not obvious ship. and like. i typically yearn for some interaction before i ship things, and those tend to be shipped off quickly.

Because Tumblr is in some serious need of some Mary Morstan appreciation.


Dear Sherlock BBC fans who are haters of Elementary:
All your arguments are invalid because Joan Watson is a babe and Sherlock keeps bees.
Actual opinion found at dA. 

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What if Sherlock announced on The Science of Deduction right after the fall that he faked his death but nobody knew because nobody reads his blog

sherlock AU | in which the viewers are taken on a pub crawl


Starring Martin Freeman as the poor beleaguered bloke who got dragged into this crazy motherfucking adventure by someone WAY weirder than him and goddamn all he wants is some tea. - Every Movie Ever



I found this in the paper this morning. 
Guys, I think we might have a problem.

❝ Come on seriously this is the difference between Sherlock and Elementary: compare The Blind Banker and Joan Watson. ❞

- Yes, Miss Adler: SO I JUST WATCHED THE TRAILER FOR ELEMENTARY  (via racebending)

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