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Yoshino, Nara, Japan. by (Elizabeth Tutsch)
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I keep thinking oh man, I’m so immature. How am I allowed to be an adult.

Then I spend time with teenagers.

And it’s like, wow, okay, yeah. I am an adult. I am so adult. Look at me adulting all over the place.

Sawamura Daichi - From friendly Team Captain to Angry Senpai
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the comment about nerfed adults was in reference to fe13. for story reasons, once you get the kids in fe4 you can’t play as the adults. idk if kids themselves are fanservice tho?the dating sim aspects and marriage are but it seems different with them

oooo yeah that makes more sense lmao… sorry about the confusion.

yeah… the dating sim aspect was much more of the fanservice bit, but it was also really tied to the kids imo so i’m more inclined to think they’ll go with it again. i definitely think they’re going to add the dating sims aspect for fanservice, and it’s less certain if they’ll go with kids again, but the marriages themselves really lent to the kids so it would be awfully transparent if they only kept that aspect. 

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the way fe4 does it actually makes sense and isn’t time travel nonsense. it has interesting gameplay mechanics,sure, but in turn the “adult” units are nerfed and weaker. idk having children again wouldn’t be very original since it was just in fea

time travel can be so cool in fiction which is what frustrates me. fe13 does it so terribly, there’s not much purpose other than an excuse for kids. i also really do need to play fe4…nerfing the ‘adult’ units isn’t something i was aware of which sounds intriguing. 

yeah, i see what you’re saying. i guess it just depends on if it’ll be a novelty or a new gameplay mechanic. i can see them just limiting it to fe13 since it’s very much tied to the ‘plot’ and original to that, but at the same time so many people enjoyed the installment so going in that direction is a good bet for more interest. 

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if fe14 has children again i am going to break the game with a sledgehammer (as much as i lile the kids in awakening the justification for them in the plot and the writing is so awful)

yeah i think the kids in fe13 are about the best characters in the game and in general endearing, but plot wise it’s… messy and grating. 

tbh it’s formed a good basis of game mechanics - deciding who to marry off to get the best children- so i wouldn’t be surprised if it was implemented again. i need to play fe4 for comparison… it has similar marriage -> kids mechanics, but with a generation gap so it would make more sense contextually. i haven’t played it yet though so i can’t say if it would be any better.

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prays hard that fe14 gets rid of the marriage mecahnics and dating sim nonsense but goddd fe13 is so popular they're probably gonna return rip

lmao that’s what i’m worried for the most. i liked old supports being varied relationships and not this super het marriage slash dating sim hogwash. you’re given some interactions outside of pairing people up in fe13 and some of those are very nice (maribelle/lissa had great supports. i liked the child/parent supports for the most part), but nevertheless they will- within context of gameplay, even- be labelled as second best. which is very unappealing and unlikely to change.

it’ll also add to the fact that.. well… the justification in fe13 for why the kids appeared was super tied to the story line (which i was at odds with), i’m not looking forward to justification next time. 

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